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Bring you child to work day! 

Today was “bring your child to work day” here at the Disney Store home base. SO, I had the pleasure of showing a room full of kids how to draw Mickey Mouse. After all, it all started with a mouse. The above images are of the worksheet I sketched up for today’s lesson. I wanted to break it down and give a step by step approach on drawing Mickey (and Minnie). Taking it a step further and also a nod to my animation background, I wanted to show how to take the same basic principals and show them how to change it up. Is Mickey happy, sad, mad? How would that look? And, finally how to turn his head. They are quick sketches, but I think they helped get the point across. Maybe even you’ll give it a try! :)

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Princess and the Frog (C)DISNEY

I always feel this film got a little overlooked. And, as one of the first things i posted about on my blog a few years ago, it too was a little overlooked. A look back at some of the product I designed for the film release of Princess and the Frog. Bookends, a jewelry box and snow globe set, shown here with my original concept sketches and as final product .

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I saw this come up last night when I signed in to tumblr and was super excited. If I wasn’t so bust with work at the moment , I would post something. But, I promise there is some fun new stuff coming real soon. :)

stay tuned!

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